Ryan Schack

Managing Director — Palm Beach Market
Senior Vice President/Investments
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

I believe that there are two underlying qualities that can make or break any business: Culture and consistent leadership. Fortunately, Stifel has the best of both worlds.

Our favorite part about the firm has been the people. What I was told in St. Louis was the exact same experience we had on day one at Stifel. I was unbelievably impressed by the support to get us up and running. Marketing had my website ready on day one and my LinkedIn profile approved in a timely fashion. I also had access to a content sharing platform to get the message out about my move to Stifel and share information about the firm with my networks – all with the click of a button!

While I was busy connecting with clients and transferring accounts, it was a relief to know that my message was reaching my networks and clients. New accounts and the transition team was a huge help in walking me through everything that I needed to do business right away. It was a very smooth process and done in a fast manner. Once we were settled in, my staff all shared the same sentiment: We love it here, and we want to retire here.

I would tell any recruit that Stifel is really a culture built for you to grow and support every aspect of your business. Their robust platform of products and services provide you the resources to build your business your way. Whether you are interested in wealth management, banking and lending, advisory solutions, or any other of the numerous capabilities Stifel has to offer, you can rest assured that there is a platform in place that suites you and your clients’ needs.

Our experienced and dedicated home office support staff reflects the core reason I joined Stifel’s culture. Any time I have a question, a Stifel associate will answer: “How can I help you?” When was the last time you heard that?