Stifel is a place where you can build a challenging, rewarding career with one of the industry’s most diverse, creative teams. A place where new ideas are welcome and fresh thinking is encouraged. The kind of thinking that helps us understand and use the forces of the market to be ready for whatever is next. But don’t take just our word for it. Take theirs.

Portrait of Tim Metcalf

Tim Metcalf

We will never have a culture that pressures advisors into cross-selling products, as nobody is comfortable in a relationship where the management of their funds will ever have to be questioned. Talented individuals who want an environment that appreciates their entrepreneurial energy will be drawn to Stifel.

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Portrait of Ryan

Ryan Schack

The transition team was a huge help in walking me through everything that I needed to do business right away. It was a very smooth process and done in a fast manner. Once we were settled in, my staff all shared the same sentiment: We love it here, and we want to retire here.

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Portrait of Holly Baroway

Holly Baroway

My team and I continue to be energized by the growth of the firm, whether it be on the technology side, new products and services, the updated use of Social Media or the creation and implementation of the WIN initiative. Stifel is a firm that truly values our input, growth and overall wellbeing.

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Portrait of Mark Graham

Mark Graham

If you are looking to grow your business, Stifel is a breath of fresh air. The level of support for the advisor is unmatched in the industry. I feel like I’ve gone back in time 20 years to when I could call individuals in marketing, trading, or advisory operations and know the people by name.

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Portrait of Kevin Karrh

Kevin Karrh

Think about this for a minute – 24 years of multiple investment and economic cycles, and yet this middle-market firm has continued to create a legacy for its shareholders every year. That is impact.

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Portrait of Bianca Urdes

Bianca Urdes

Stifel associates at every level of the firm are very good at what they do, genuinely care about the client, and are here to serve. It’s amazing to work with people who are so focused on what’s best for the client, not the firm.

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