Bianca Urdes

MBA, Associate Vice President/Investments
Portfolio Manager — Solutions Program
Portland, OR

From local management to our home office professionals, Stifel was very much on board and actively looked for ways to help us transition as smoothly as possible. 

“They are remarkable professionals. Stifel associates at every level of the firm are very good at what they do, genuinely care about the client, and are here to serve. It’s amazing to work with people who are so focused on what’s best for the client, not the firm.”

Fortunately, Stifel’s expansive resources and client-focused culture have allowed our team to grow and strengthen these essential client relationships. Stifel is big enough to have access to key tools and resources, but small enough not to lose sight of what is important – our clients. If something is important to our clients, it becomes important to us.

At Stifel, we have enjoyed opportunities to grow our business and develop our brand, including perfecting our team’s website.

“We had a certain image in mind, a certain brand that we wanted to portray, and Stifel really took it in. Everybody worked toward the same goal, and I think they did a great job.”

Once we decided to make the move, we were limited in what we could do in terms of reaching out to our clients. It was critical to have our website live, announcement ads in local publications, and mailers delivered so that our clients could see we were now with Stifel.

We worked with Stifel’s marketing professionals to ensure that this was all handled in a timely manner.

Stifel also provided opportunities to further my own professional development, such as Stifel’s Women’s Initiative Network (WIN), which organizes events, forums, and networking opportunities for women throughout the firm

“It’s impressive to see so many professionals who happen to be women get together and discuss, ‘What is it that you do for your clients?  How long have you been in the business?’  I give a lot of credit to Stifel for putting resources behind the things that they support.”