Holly Baroway

Senior Vice President/Investments
Cherry Creek, CO

In my 11 years at Stifel, I have watched the firm continue to adapt, change and grow to meet the current needs of advisors and investors. The size of the firm allows them to be nimble and take a proactive approach to growing the firm. We have all of the resources of the giant brokerage houses, but the personal approach of a boutique firm.

My team can pick up the phone and have in-depth conversations with our Portfolio Solutions team, Alternatives team, financial planning team, lending group and Trust department on any given day to provide the highest level of support and concise solutions to deliver back to our clients. These teams are consistently providing us with new ideas and up to date information that we can leverage to supply unique client experiences, not simply cookie cutter asset allocation models.

My team and I continue to be energized by the growth of the firm, whether it be on the technology side, new products and services, the updated use of Social Media or the creation and implementation of the WIN initiative. We believe that we are with a firm that truly values our input, growth and overall wellbeing.