About Us

What would your ideal firm look like?​ Chances are, it looks a lot like Stifel.

We’re built on a culture of respect — for you and your clients. To us, you are the most valuable element of the client relationship.

The big banks see you as the most expensive element and want to tell you how to run your business. Not at Stifel. We’ve eliminated the roadblocks of bureaucracy, banking mandates, and unnecessary fees, so you can focus on taking care of your clients — and winning new ones.


Worried about bringing your clients over to Stifel? Don’t be — we’ve got your back.

Our experienced, efficient transition team and knowledge experts from all areas of the firm will ensure your business hits the ground running.

It doesn’t stop there. You’ll always have access to our full suite of professionals who are dedicated to supporting you and your clients. Our teams are responsive, relatable, and, most importantly, share the mindset that we’re in the business of helping you grow yours.

Whether it’s helping you plan an impactful seminar, building an estate plan, delivering a presentation to an important prospect, or even growing your social media presence, we’ve got you covered.


“Wait, we can do that here?”  Our teams hear this from advisors and advisors hear it from clients.

We’ll help you identify new opportunities and address your clients’ needs. Together, we’ll develop creative solutions to even the most complex or unorthodox issues.

Every resource you need is at your disposal. From the basics to private equity, hedge funds, structured products, and more. Along with the industry’s largest equity research franchise.

It’s not about increasing “wallet share,” it’s about making you indispensable to your clients.


We own the bank; the bank does not own us. That’s what makes us different.

Addressing both sides of your clients’ balance sheet is just common sense. That’s why Stifel Bank offers a full range of banking and lending services — even sophisticated services like securities-based lending and venture banking. But when it comes to introducing your clients to banking products, that’s entirely your call. We don’t force it on you.


Innovation is a core value here at Stifel. But so is our belief that there’s no substitute for the emotional intelligence of a human advisor. That’s why we continually invest in tech that makes it easier for you to connect with and serve your valued clients.

Simply put, we view technology as a means to strengthen your client relationships. Not take them away. To help you, not replace you.

Take Stifel Wealth Tracker, a free app designed to help you prospect and gather more assets. And Addepar, our state-of-the-art client reporting software. Its custom, granular performance reporting capabilities are the gold standard in our industry. We’re also rolling out full digital banking capabilities, all with a single, secure sign on. All designed for you.


A comp plan that doesn’t require a Ph.D. in statistics to understand?  Yes, please.

Our comp plan is fair, simple, and best in class. In fact, it’s so simple, it fits on a coaster. Not to mention, we’ve changed it three times in nearly 3 decades.

In our open architecture platform, you’re empowered to use fee-based or brokerage accounts, based on what’s right for your clients. With payouts on every product and no account minimums, you can truly maximize your earning potential.