Women’s Initiative Network

Stifel’s Women’s Initiative Network, or WIN as we like to call it, is designed to empower women throughout the firm to recognize their value and reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

The goal of WIN is to support with action. Through networking, mentoring, and educating, we are committed to helping our female advisors be fearless, confident, and importantly, themselves.


Helping Women WIN

WIN was born organically, when a small group of Stifel’s top female advisors began working together to share best practices and encourage success. As the network grew, it caught the attention of CEO Ron Kruszewski, who, along with the firm’s leadership team and board of directors, has given his full backing and guidance. Today, WIN includes all of the firm’s female associates, not just advisors, who are committed to helping each other set goals and thrive.

“As you well know, women in our industry face many unique challenges, from balancing family life with career aspirations to finding female sponsors and mentors. Here at Stifel, we’re committed to helping our female associates address those issues head on.”

-Crystal Schlegl, Co-Director, Women’s Initiative Network

“Stifel’s culture is focused on facilitating the client-advisor relationship. A diverse advisor force with a variety of perspectives and communication styles can deepen the connections and trust that are critical to successful client partnerships.  WIN is a great example of Stifel’s commitment to achieving that diversity.”

-Leigh Gage, Senior Vice President Investments

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Events and Networking Opportunities

Stifel’s Women’s Initiative Network works to connect like-minded associates and industry professionals through a number of exciting events and networking opportunities throughout the year the most anticipated being WIN Wednesday, a chance for our valued female advisors to gather in St. Louis for a day of networking, panel discussions, and resources to grow their practice. WIN Wednesday is held annually, ahead of Blueprint, Stifel’s national sales and innovation conference. WIN also hosts monthly conference calls between women at different levels of the firm and participates in a number of charitable events throughout the year.

The Future Is Female

WIN’s long-term goals extend far into the future. Mentoring and supporting the next generation of talented women through WIN helps ensure long-term continuity, enabling our senior female advisors to transition their practices to capable successors when they retire.

As WIN’s scope and influence continue to grow, so does our optimism about the future of the firm – working together in a cooperative, thoughtful environment benefits not only the women of Stifel, but the firm as a whole. WIN is just one example of Stifel’s commitment to helping our associates at every level of the firm excel.

WIN Resources

Empower is a semi-annual magazine created for the women of Stifel. 

Financial advisors at Stifel are teaming to strengthen their services.

Women who leave wirehouse firms, discover the Stifel difference.

Hear from our female advisors and decide for yourself.

"Stifel has an amazing culture and provides our team with all of the wealth management capabilities, including: credit, banking, investment management, estate, insurance, and wealth planning needed to take quality care of our clients. WIN provides the resources and energy needed to attract top female talent"
The Smith Syler Wealth Management Team
Tacoma, Washington
“Stifel has enabled me to deliver a variety of wealth management options to better assist with my clients’ needs and goals. The Women’s Initiative Network exemplifies the way in which any female advisor would receive the same support to perform at a higher level."
Toni Rose, First Vice President/Investments
Fort Worth, Texas
“We are delighted to be part of a firm whose women’s initiative was developed for women by women. While other firms glossed over what they offered, WIN shined during our interview at Stifel. I knew we wouldn’t get lost in a “sea of men” culture here, and I’m glad to say it has shown from the top down."
The Mastilak Wealth Management Group
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“My team and I chose Stifel for many reasons, including the culture of embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. I believe WIN is essential for promoting the continued growth and empowerment of women throughout the wealth management industry and beyond.”
Elaina Friesel Garvin, Senior Vice President/Investments
Melbourne, Florida

Ladies, there is a place for you in the financial industry. Find your home at Stifel.