Addressing both sides of your clients’ balance sheet – it just makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is to force you to do it. At Stifel, you can offer your clients our full range of banking and lending services at your discretion, when YOU feel it’s appropriate.

Remember, we own the bank – the bank does not own us.

“We’re a wealth management firm that owns a bank…not one that is PART of a bank. For advisors like you, this represents a significant distinction between Stifel and the bank-owned firms. Stop and ask yourself…is holistic wealth management a true service to clients at your firm, or a means to make more money?

—Chris Reichert
CEO, Stifel Bank & Trust

Our Story

In 2007, when many of the big banks began to absorb brokerage firms, we went the other way and bought our own bank. We built a bank centered on exceptional customer service, where the advisor is our client. Our bankers serve as an extension of Stifel’s entrepreneurial culture, deepening the client relationship our advisor have worked so hard to build. At Stifel, our banking capabilities match up with the wirehouses, yet without the bureaucracy, cross-selling pressure, product-pushing, or haircuts to your grid.

Our Capabilities

Stifel Bank & Trust offers banking and lending solutions to support the needs of clients in managing cash flow and liquidity. We help finance homes, investment property, and other real estate, and funding various business opportunities. 

  • Securities-Based Lending
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Private Bank Lending

Stifel Trust Companies offer a full suite of professional trust services, partnering with advisors for a continuum of service.   

  • Trust Services
  • Corporate Successor Trustee
  • Delaware Trust Services
  • Trusteed IRAs

Hands-On Support

Our solutions are enhanced by experienced leaders, competitive products, and immediate responsiveness.

Client-First Banking

Our experienced bankers and lenders are here to serve YOUR clients. That's right, we know they are your clients and we'll treat them as you would.

Transition Process

We've streamlined the advisor-transition process making it easy for you and your clients to move lines of credit to Stifel.